What do you include in your flat fee for an uncontested divorce?

The Law Office of Jeffrey Esser offers flat fee arrangement for uncontested divorces. For a fixed price of attorney fees, I will personally handle your divorce from the initial consultation to the final judgment for divorce. You can read more about how the process works here.

Included in the flat fee, I will:

  • provide an initial in-person consultation
  • answer any and all questions and provide guidance through the entire process
  • negotiate the Settlement Agreement with your spouse or their attorney
  • draft and revise all required documents
  • file all documents with the court  — so you will only need appear at the courthouse once
  • represent you in person at the final court date
  • purchase, certify, and file the transcript of the court proceeding

The following are not included in the flat fee:

  • court fees — they usually range between $580-600 in Cook County
  • court appearances except for the final court date (additional court appearances will only be needed if the divorce becomes contested)
  • dividing retirement accounts using a QDRO (401Ks, pensions) — additional attorney fees may apply depending on the complexity
  • transferring title on real estate after the divorce. There may be an additional attorney fees and transfer taxes may apply.

For uncontested divorces in Cook County, I charge a flat fee starting at $500 based on the complexities of property or children involved. Call me at 312-564-5743 for a free 30-minute consultation.