Strengths of the Firm

I believe that all clients deserve personalized and affordable legal services. You hire an attorney to get through some of the most stressful moments in your life and you need a trusted advisor to help.  I know that there are many competent Chicago divorce attorneys to choose from, but an attorney also needs to meet a client’s emotional needs. I understand the sensitive nature of family law issues and the burden, both financially and emotionally, placed on clients during this trying time. You need a responsive attorney who has your best interests in mind.

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  • Won a Father substantial visitation time with his children after a vicious custody battle where the Mother wrongfully accused him of abuse.
  • Negotiated a Joint Custody arrangement with a 50%-50% time split between Father and Mother after Mother was initially unwilling.
  • Defeated an emergency motion claiming Mother was neglecting the children, and helped Mother keep custody of her children.
  • Through the use of a temporary restraining order, stopped a Wife from transferring the marital house into her name alone after she forged Husband’s signature.
  • Won out-of-state visitation for a Father who relocated to California after the divorce.
  • Negotiated a $100K divorce settlement after Wife initially claimed all joint asset should be hers according to the prenup.