How can I get my Illinois Child Support payment history?

If you are making or receiving child support payments in Cook County, Illinois through the Illinois State Disbursement Unit, they keep exact records of all of the payments posted through your account.

Depending on how far back you need records, there are two ways to request the payment history.

Records for the last 2 months

The Illinois State Disbursement Unit offers online access for the last 8 weeks of payments here:

You will need to know the PIN for your account. The Disbursement Unit would have sent you a PIN number when you were first registered, but you can call customer service at 877-225-7077 to reset it or get a new PIN.

Records for the Entire History

You can also get the entire child support payment history mailed or faxed to you (or to your attorney). You have to speak with a customer service agent to make the request. You cannot request the entire history online or through the automated phone system.

You need to call the Disbursement Unit’s customer service number at 877-225-7077. They will ask you for your name and PIN number, and you should have the following information ready:

  • FIPS number
  • Case Docket number
  • County name

If you don’t know any of that information, you can find that information online at the page that has your child support records for the last 2 months.